Dinner Knifes
Steak Knifes
Dinner Forks
Dessert Spoons
Soup Spoons
Tea Spoons
Dessert Fork
Serving Spoons
Salad Tongue
Meat Tongue

Dinner Plate
Under Plate(Silver, Gold, Glass)
Meat Plate
Bread Plate
Pudding Bowl
Soup Bowl
Salad Bowl
Salad Bowl(Small, Medium, Large)
Butter and Jam Holders
Coffee/ Tea Cup & Saucer
Sugar Pot
Milk Jug
Water Jug
Ice Buckets
Glass Ashtrays
Soup terrines
Hot Plates & Fuel
S/Steel Trays

Sherry Glasses
Drinking Glasses(Pluto)
Drinking Glasses(Whisky)
Drinking Glasses(Hi Ball)
Beer Drinking Glasses
Champaign Glasses
Wine Glasses
Martini Glasses
Large champaigne glasses
Fish bowls
Round Starter Glasses


White Rect. Table Cloths
Black Rect. Table Cloths
White Round Table Cloths
Black Round Table Cloths
Overlays (Runners)
Chair Covers (White & Black)
Chair Backs
Chair Bow's
White Napkins

Chandlelier/ beads & Gel Candle
Umbrella / Frill/ Beads
Flower Stand
African Twirly Stand
Wood Stand
African Spear Stand
African Speckled Stand
African Logs
African Under Plates
African Table Numbers
Gold Woven Balls
Silver Woven Balls
Medium Round Vases
Large Round Vases
Spaghetti Medium
Spaghetti Large
Martini Glass / large / medium
String of beads
4ball Candle Stand
Zen Garden (wax)
Fish bowl on stand
White multi purpose stand
Thin candle stand (small/medium/large)
Denim Pots
Denim Placemats
Glass frames for menus
Glass frames for table numbers
Bubble Machine
sherry fountain
Pillars(Big/ medium/ small)
Stand and glass balls
Fairy lights

Curtain fairy lights
Battery fairy lights
Long white fairy lights
Disco Balls
Drapping per meter
Coloured Martini Containers
Feather Bowers
Butterfly (Big/ Small)
Divider & Gel Candle
Round Mirror Plates
Square Food Plates
Square Glass Vases(Big/ Small)
Long Square Glass Vases
Silver Tulip Gel Candle Holder
Black Gel Candle Holder
Ball Candles (White/ Silver / Gold)
Dried Grapes
Dried Leaves & Fruit

Table & Chairs
Long Tables
Round Tables
Small Round Tables